What’s Brewing? A Guide to Coffee Capsules

When it comes to coffee perhaps you enjoy convenience but you hate the taste of instant. If that’s the case, then coffee capsules could be the ideal alternative for you. Capsules are one-use pods that contain ground coffee and filters within one small pod that are inserted directly into special coffee capsule machines. Using water, the machine brews the coffee directly into your cup in a matter of seconds. There we have it; the convenience of instant but with the great taste of freshly brewed espresso.

A Growing Coffee Culture

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Café culture is booming in Australia and many other countries and cities the world over. Customers today tend to value quality and taste over speed. Many coffee lovers are also very interested in the origin of their coffee and are concerned with particular issues like whether the beans are organic or grown in a fair trade environment. This has influenced how consumers view coffee drinking and the types of coffee they buy to use at home too. Coffee has become a weekend luxury, a social experience – almost like an art-form. Now people can experience all that in the comfort of their own homes.

Why Are Capsules so Good?

Capsules are considered better than ground coffee and instant coffee for convenience, freshness, and ease of use – not to mention the lack of waste. They come in small packages that can be easily popped into the machine. Add water, press a button, and the coffee is ready. There’s no measuring out spoons of coffee, no brewing time, and no storing loose coffee granules in jars. Not only that, but the coffee capsule format keeps the coffee inside fresh, as it isn’t being exposed to air or light. Perfect.

How to Choose the Right Capsules for You

If you choose a specific brand name that only allows its brand name capsules to be used in it, this can greatly limit the flavours and types of coffee you can drink. However, there are some machines that allow different types and brands of pods to be used in the machine, giving you much more variety when buying coffee pods. Take a look at the flavours, intensities, and geographical regions of the coffee available for the machine you’re thinking of buying first to ensure that brand has the kind of coffee you enjoying drinking on offer. Or, pick a machine that can be used with a selection of coffee pod brands to give yourself as much choice as possible.

Where Can I Buy Capsules?

Capsules really are everywhere these days. You can buy them in budget stores like Aldi and Woolworths, as well as cafe boutiques that sell specific high-end coffee brands. You can also purchase coffee pods from online manufacturers like Illy or Nespresso. You can even buy them from websites like eBay or Amazon where they will be a lot cheaper to buy and will be delivered straight to your door.

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