Valuable house with great wood heating and a wonderful terrace

We love Berlin.

The consideration is on the valuation, agent and offer of condo suites and houses in
immobilien-hof charming midtown zone regions. The portfolio is centered around owner occupiers and monetary pros. Our customers are private buyers and sellers similarly as property fashioners and adventure engineers. National and around the world. The committed gathering of traders is maintained by a trustworthy back office, essential media makers, an arrangement of fashioners, appraisers and financing specialists similarly as productive arrangements the officials. Wide data on the Berlin publicize, an unequivocal tendency for cutting-edge designs in the improvement of city quarters, and the various extended lengths of comprehension of our entire gathering are the explanation behind a dependably high bore of appeal. In order to have the choice to offer you this outstanding authority sustainably,Trimobilia: Your accessory for land in Marbella

Trimobilia has been your fit associate since 1995 with respect to land around Marbella. We go with you in arrangements, rental and association.

Sell ​​and buy land with Marbella Real Estate

Is it genuine that you are scanning for a property on the Costa del Sol? Or then again would you say you are the owner of a thing and need to sell it? In the two cases you are straightforwardly with Trimobilia. Arranged in Elviria, Trimobilia is your proficient accessory concerning the arrangement, rental and the officials of land related to Marbella. The Real Estate Marbella bunch has been giving prepared and organization arranged property searchers and land proprietors since 1995. We base on fairness and straightforwardness legitimately from the earliest starting point. The whole of the methods we take to sell your property are sensible.

We promote a wide scope of land

If you should sell or re-rent your property around Marbella, you can rely upon us for capable assistance. Marbella Real Estate offers a wide scope of properties. We have little townhouses on offer similarly as the luxuriously organized house, which is arranged in the upper worth reaches.

Immediate, real and trustworthy – Real Estate Marbella

During the time we went with them on their way to their property, our buyers got familiar with us as an immediate and reliable accessory. We are close to you with the sum of our genius data. Trimobilia goes with you in the mission for property in general Costa del Sol. Our consideration is on places that are in the fast district of Marbella. For you, the Real Estate Marbella bunch is particularly powerful in spots, for instance, Marbesa, Carib Playa and Elviria. We furthermore offer you with heightened help while scanning for property in El Rosario and Los Monteros.

The land association Trimobilia has been arranged in Elviria since 1995 and viably assists land around Marbella on the Costa del Sol. Our top need is to offer the customer the best land organization by working an obvious and clear business methodology.

The various significant lots of comprehension of our laborers guarantee capable help for everything related to the property on the Costa del Sol. From the humblest apartment suite to the most luxurious estate, Trimobilia has exhibited to be a reasonable and reliable assistant for buyers.

We invest noteworthy energy in urbanizations sucWelcome to…

… Frank Gerber and the real estate professional association Gerber Immobilien . We sell land in Berger Winkel, Bad Steben, Naila, Hof Stadt, Landkreis Hof and the incorporating an area and the astounding Franconian Forest locale.

We manage the master displaying of his home or townhouse for the owner. We will find a dissolvable buyer or an awesome occupant for you.

We are more than your agent: We are your pro center and your advancing association for land. We work with heart and mind – and with a lot of excitement. Endeavor us!

Here is somewhat decision from our more than 2500 property searchers.

As of June 5, 2020

Quickly required a couple of houses in Bad Steben

Resigned individual is looking for a little house in the Franconian Forest

Couple is looking for a house in Marxgrün and the including zone

Authority is looking for a country house in the zone of Hof

Gigantic anteroom for a couple of vehicles expected to buy, Geroldsgrün to Hof

Couple scanning for an isolates house, Naila, Bad Steben, Berg

House with min. 600m² nursery in the Selbitz, Naila, Bad Steben zone required

Scanning for a loft suite in Naila and Bad Steben

Young family is looking for a house in Naila up to 150,000.

Looking for a house close Döbra with a nursery.

Money related experts are scanning for MFH in a yard, quiet region, min. 3 lofts, without business spaceObject delineation


The lodge worked in 1971 was extensively patched up in 2010. New windows, new washrooms. It presents itself with a Mediterranean facade painting. A 80m² yard was worked over the past pool. Here you have peacefulness and extraordinary viewpoints. Foresee brilliant events on the yard with a glass of wine. Beside the parking space district, the house has a full tempest basement. OK prefer to comprehend your life musings here? A receiving area with 28sqm notwithstanding stack room. The room design shows you our joined floor plan. 2 further rooms in the tempest basement are suitable for private use. This hotel gave various happy minutes to a family. By and by he’s gotten excessively huge. The owners are reorienting themselves and wish another age various splendid hours in a mindful home in Tauperlitz.

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