Presidential Address: Culture and the Future of Education Research

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Halse, Christine


Late changes in advanced education have stood up to training research with a problem: how our generally multidisciplinary field can refine itself as a bound together control. In this location I sketch out what this problem may mean for training research, both considerably and methodologically, later on. I recommend that one beginning point…

Tending to Energy Poverty through Smarter Technology

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Oldfield, Eddie


Vitality destitution is a key burden to work efficiency, monetary development, and social prosperity. This article presents a subjective survey of writing on the expected job of clever correspondence innovation, electronic guidelines, and shrewd lattice innovation to lighten vitality costs and improve access to clean dispersed vitality in developed…

The Future of Energy

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Pallant, Amy; Pryputniewicz, Sarah; Lee, Hee-Sun


This article depicts a five-day online vitality module, created by the Concord Consortium (an instructive innovative work association) where understudies think about the impacts of different vitality sources on air quality, water quality, and land use. The module’s intelligent models investigate pressure driven breaking, true information on energy…

Protecting our vitality future

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)


All through the previous quite a while, states have been accepting settlement monies conveyed from escrow accounts kept up by the Department of Energy and different courts. These monies are paid by oil organizations for supposed infringement of the oil estimating guidelines of the 1970’s. These assets, regularly alluded to as Petroleum Violation Escrow (PVE) or Oil Overcharge reserves, have been a significant device in supporting vitality proficiency projects and advancements at the state level. The point of this distribution is to feature a portion of the many fascinating, replicable ventures subsidized with PVE monies and to fill in as an asset for effective, vitality effectiveness programs in arranging, innovation application, and instruction. By catching some of these inventive state-level projects, this archive will grow the data arrange on sustainable power source and vitality proficiency and fill in as a state of takeoff for others seeking after comparable objectives. Ventures referenced all through this distribution mirror a portion of the program territories where the Department of Energy takes a functioning interest and fall into the accompanying classes: (1) elective powers; (2) mechanical effectiveness and waste minimization; (3) electric force creation from inexhaustible assets; (4) building productivity; (5) coordinated asset arranging; and (6) vitality instruction.

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