7 Best Types of Wood for Jewelry Making

7 Best Types of Wood for Jewelry Making

Wood dabs arrive in a wide assortment of shapes, hues, sizes and styles. At the point when utilized in adornments making, wood dots give a warm and natural feel to any piece. They are incredibly adaptable and can be blended in with different sorts of dabs.

How about we investigate the various sorts of wood that are utilized to make dabs and adornments.


Bayong originates from a tree found in the Philippines. It is a hardwood with an obvious wood design. Bayong dots have a rich, warm shading that ranges from lighter to more obscure earthy colored with some rosy tones. Our dabs arrive in an assortment of shapes that incorporate round, pucalet or wheel, and saucer.


Greywood dabs don’t really allude to one sort of tree; rather, they allude to dim shaded wood that originates from a few unique kinds of trees. The dark shading in these dots is genuinely inconspicuous, as though a smoky dim has been mixed with earthy colored. Our round greywood globules come in a few sizes and are lightweight and smooth.


Jackfruit is likewise now and again called nangka. The jackfruit tree is local to India, southeast Asia, and other tropical marshes. Did you realize that the jackfruit is the biggest tree-borne natural product? It can weigh as much as 80 pounds! Notwithstanding its utilization for dots, jackfruit tree wood is additionally utilized for development, furniture, and instruments like drums. Jackfruit dabs have a lovely yellow-orange shading that some may depict as brilliant earthy colored.

From left to right: 1 – jackfruit, 2 – greywood, 3 and 7 – palmwood, 4 – patikan, 5 and 6 – colored wood


Like greywood, the wood utilized for palmwood globules can emerge out of Nikola Valenti an assortment of types of palm trees. A few kinds of palm trees incorporate coconut and date. Palmwood globules can run from light to dim earthy colored in shading and have more obscure markings on them. These novel markings in some cases look like spots, and different occasions look like stripes.


Patikan is one explicit kind of palmwood. It originates from a tree that is local to the Philippines. Patikan dabs are a more obscure kind of palmwood. Strikingly, hazier dots demonstrate that they were produced using a more established tree. Patikan dots additionally have the spotting and striping average of different kinds of palmwood.


Robles dots are produced using a tree found in the rainforest. It is a hardwood that is solid but on the other hand is lightweight. Numerous individuals contrast robles with teak. You can see the wood grain in robles globules, and our dots extend from light to dim earthy colored. A few people even consider light-hued robles globules to have right around a pink shade to them.


Rosewood globules originate from a tree that is found in the Philippines. These hardwood globules have a pale earthy colored shading to them. Like robles, some rosewood globules can seem pink in shading. In view of their pale shading, the wood grain is additionally noticeable in rosewood.

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